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Sandy Beach

Client Success Stories


"I had known Krista personally for a little over a year when I reached out for help conceiving. 


In the year preceding, we had suffered 2 early miscarriages (5-6 weeks) and 1 later miscarriage at 10 weeks. We were heartbroken. 


We had been doing all of the meds for fertility, cycle tracking, everything. The problem was not getting pregnant. It was staying pregnant. 


I was at a loss for what to do and so when Krista offered to help with her visualization and meditation techniques, I was intrigued and figured we had nothing to lose. 


She had me over and did a meditation session for me that she recorded and emailed to me later for my use. The meditation itself was incredibly relaxing, and every night for 21 days I had to pop in ear buds and listen as I fell asleep. Easy peasy. 


I had my doubts, but not long into the nightly listening I really did believe I was going to get and stay pregnant. 


A cycle later, we were pregnant!!!  And since Krista focused my personalized meditation on STAYING pregnant, I was able to carry the little guy to full term and he is now a happy, healthy 3 month old baby boy!


Thank you for everything Krista, we really do owe a huge part of this little guy to you and your belief in us."


"The session with Krista was very impactful and despite some of the challenging things I was dealing with, she put me at ease right away.


The session was amazing and the recording I received a few days later changed my life. Not only did the recording help me fall asleep within a few minutes, the affirmations that Krista spoke during the recording helped change things in my subconscious at the deepest level.


I was deeply asleep and the hypnosis re-wired beliefs that had existed for 40-plus years in the recesses of my mind. I would recommend this therapy to everyone."


“The RTT Session I had with Krista was a truly amazing and uplifting experience!


It takes a very giving person to do this type of work and Krista is just that!


I have known Krista for many years now and think she would agree she may have found her calling. She tells me she just “wants to help” and she delivers. She was very attentive and dedicated to our session and was very comfortable with the process.


The RTT journey is a special experience and am certain is similar for most. We all have had experiences from our childhood that may have influenced us in a negative way, which in turn leaves us with negative feelings and emotions. These emotions influence our decisions as adults.


My journey took me back to some situations from my childhood that were not great. The session with Krista addressed these situations and through the RTT process it somehow made what I experienced as a child and the feelings around these situations to literally evaporate. Quite amazing actually!


After our session something changed and it was wonderful, truly! Months later and I still feel this way. I believe I have let go of these negative emotions that have been with me for my entire life and didn’t realize how this was affecting me.


Gather most of us are harboring emotions and feelings from experiences we had as children. And as children we process these experiences as a child and then experience an emotion as a result. These emotions are sometimes not good ones.


Thus, we live our lives with these buried emotions. My session was like an emotional cleaning, an absolutely enlightening experience.


Highly recommend everyone to do this, you will not regret it truly!”


"Krista is a gifted healer.


The greatest gift she gave me was her ability to truly see and hear me and reflect back to me what my subconscious really needed to hear. My subconscious was able to hear the words she said to me and make real changes in my belief system.


I didn't fully realize the depth of what Krista offered me through our session until later when I reviewed the recording she made. Krista was able to fully express what I didn't even realize I needed to hear and believe in order to overcome my identified challenge.


I have listened to the recording she made during the session almost every night since then and have experienced dramatic changes in my life. I'm extremely grateful to Krista and have since gone back for another session and I have recommended her to family and friends.


I highly recommend Krista and RTT therapy."


"I want to thank Krista for my introduction to RTT. This has had a very positive effect on my recent sleeping issues. I came to Krista because of my troubles falling asleep


 It would take two or three hours to fall asleep as I couldn’t turn my brain off.


The hypnosis sessions with Krista were very helpful to me and were a game changer. I was able to fall asleep under 10 minutes after listening to one of her audio recorded sessions and this has continued to this day many months later.


From my first video session Krista was able to articulate the value of Hypnotherapy. She was very professional, calm and has a soothing voice to tackle my sleep challenges.


I would highly recommend RTT to anyone, as it is safe and non-invasive and can be done in the comfort of your home after initial sessions. From my experience it is one of the best tools for relaxation.


Even though my work with Krista is complete, I am still using recordings from my sessions on a regular basis because I like the relaxation effect and I see the positive effects in all areas of my life."

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