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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an award-winning hybrid therapy developed by Marisa Peer in London, England.


RTT™ is a science-based multi-disciplined therapy that combines the leading principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with unique therapeutic methods for achieving fast and permanent change at the deepest level. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy™ offers unparalleled results by harnessing the most powerful healing potential on the planet - the mind.


It goes beyond hypnotherapy to offer a complete solution-based approach to achieve fast results that last.


It's an innovative therapy that gets to the root cause of our issue and determines why we behave the way we do in certain daily matters. RTT™ does this by working at a deep subconscious level, rather than a conscious level. 


When we are in pain, both physical and emotional, we want relief, and we want it fast.  


RTT™ aims to deliver permanent change in a single session however depending on the circumstance some clients may need or want up to 3 sessions.


RTT™ empowers you to understand why you’re in pain.  


Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the most liberating and freeing power.  Willpower and logic are often not enough to eliminate stubborn or persistent issues.


RTT™ will help you change your thoughts and perceptions at the subconscious level allowing for a powerful release so you can be free from your pain. 

How RTT™ can help you?


RTT™ is solution based and enables people to achieve extraordinary development in any area of their life where they may be suffering or want to improve.


The treatment has been proven incredible success and relief with the ongoing effects of:


~ Addictions

~ Anxiety

~ Depression

~ Panic attacks

~ Anorexia and bulimia

~ Bedwetting

~ Childhood issues and abuse

~ Chronic pain

~ Concentration & memory

~ Confidence and self-esteem

~ Fears and phobias

~ Fertility

~ Fibromyalgia

~ Focus

~ Food and diet

~ Grief, loss, heartbreak, and betrayal

~ Guilt and shame

~ Health conditions/diagnoses


~ Insomnia

~ Kids, children, teens, and bullying

~ Migraines

~ Night terrors

~ Procrastination

~ Professional goals & business development

~ Physical pain


~ Rage/resentment

~ Sports development

~ Stress and sleep

~ Self-love

~ Self-sabotage

~ Studying

~ Trauma

~ Weight issues (weight loss / weight gain)

~ and so much more!

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How is RTT™ different from other forms of therapy?


Traditional/conventional therapy typically treats the symptoms and not the root cause.


For example with many addictions it’s not WHY have you got the addiction…’s what is the addiction giving you?


The biggest difference is that talk therapy works with the conscious mind, with our thinking and analytical mind. It is designed to enhance and effect changes in our neural circuits (neural pathways).


RTT™ works with the subconscious mind - it's where our beliefs, thoughts, fears, behaviors, values, instincts, emotions and traumas lie. 


RTT™ gets to the root cause to set you free immediately. 


Hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate with less sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy. 

How does an RTT™ session work?
RTT™ is a guided process, a meditation-like state of focus and concentration is achieved. 


When we access our subconscious minds, we can turn our attention inward to find our thoughts and feelings that have been converted into unhealthy behavioral patterns or physical issues.


First, we uncover and then we upgrade any limiting beliefs that may have manifested into physical or emotional pain. 
Clients usually find a new understanding that develops during the session. It helps them recognize what had held them back and the beliefs they had attached to events from their past.


By reconnecting them to their incredible and unapologetic self-confidence, they can move forward making the necessary changes.


The renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung said, “your vision will become clear only when you look in to your own heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens”. 

My RTT™ sessions can be done in person or via zoom in a calm therapeutic environment and a typical session is between 90 - 120 minutes. 


When you understand the cause of your issue/s you are ready and open for change.


With my help you will create new thoughts and beliefs at the subconscious level. 


When the session is over, I will provide you with a 15 – 20 minute customized recording that you listen to daily over the next 21 days. The recording uses powerful words and is specific to you.  


Because the mind learns by repetition, this allows for the new habit to form and to rewire the neuropathways.

I guide you through deep healing process and allow you to discover the root of your thoughts and feelings. 

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